The windows you have now are most likely the original windows installed by your contractor when the home was built and provide you many reasons why they should be replaced.

Some of the most common reasons are as follows:

  • Your current windows offer absolutely no protection from hurricanes and break-ins.
  • You’ve grown tired of putting up and taking down heavy storm panels or you want hurricane protection but do not want to alter the aesthetics of your home.
  • They offer no protection from the heat or cold and your electric bill continues to rise.
  • Your existing windows are faded and outdated and make your home look much older than it is.
  • Your windows are not opening and closing properly
  • Your windows are either screwed shut or even permanently closed with duct tape
  • The cranks on your awning or crank out windows have broken off or don’t work
  • The frames are either rotted or the paint has faded or chipped off.
  • You want to sell the house and you need “curb appeal” to make the sale.