Reflections by Simonton 5500 Single Hung

Double Hung Note: Items with an aserisk (*) are OPTIONS, others are STANDARD FEATURES.
Colors :White
Tan *
Driftwood *
Construction :Welded
Depth :2-15/16"
Exterior Aesthetics :Beveled
Installation Method :Nailing Fin w/J-Channel
Screen Track :Integral
Sill Design :Sloped Sill
Glass Fillings :Air
Argon *
Glass I.G. Thickness :3/4"
Glass Pane :Dual
Glass Strength :Single
Variable *
Glass Type :Clear
Low E Softcoat *
Tempered *
Tinted *
Bronze *
Grey *
Obscure *
Double Strength *
Spacer System :Intercept®
Grid Color :White*
Tan *
Brass *
Driftwood *
Grid Size :5/8"*
Grid Style :Colonial*
Diamond *
Perimeter Single *
Perimeter Double *
Prairie Single *
Prairie Double *
Grid Type :Flat*
Contoured *
Balance System :1/2" Stainless Steel Contant Force Coil Spring
Locking System Acuator :Recessed
Locking System Aesthetics :Square Tiered
Locking System Lever :Straight
Locking System Logo Imprint :Plain
Locking System Material :Metal
Locking System Quantity :Dual
Locking System Type :Cam Lock with Adjustable Keeper
Pivot System :Pivot Alignment System
Tilt Latches Actuator Type :Recessed Tab
Tilt Latches Mounting :Flush Mount
Miscellaneous :Capillary Tubes*
Construction :Welded
Corner Joint :Mitered
Glazing Bead Aesthetics :Squared
Glazing Bead Color :Color Matched
Glazing Bead Location :Internal/External
Glazing Bead Material :Dual Durometer
Handle/Stile/Rail :Rail
Handle/Stile/Rail Colors :White
Tan *
Handle/Stile/Rail Placement :Bottom
Handle/Stile/Rail Style :Contoured
Handle/Stile/Rail Type :Extruded
Meeting Rails :Overlapping Interlocking
Operation :Tilt In/Lift Out
Sash Hardware - Air Latch Color :White*
Tan *
Sash Hardware - Air Latch Quantity :1*
2 *
Sash Hardware - Air Latch Type :Air Lok™
Screen Frame :Rollformed
Extruded Aluminum *
Screen Mesh :Fiberglass
Screen Size :Half

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CRC 1329255
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phone: 941.377.5746
fax: 941.377.5788
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