Replacement Window Ratings

It is so very important to understand when researching and shopping for impact windows or doors is that all products do not have the same tested and certified level of protection.

While some products, when placed side by side, may appear to be similar, one may be significantly stronger and possess higher levels of protection against the dangers associated with a hurricane.

Not only are the parts and pieces of the window stronger and will last longer, but the tested and certified rating it has achieved through rigorous laboratory testing far exceed the inferior product that may look similar.

The single most important thing to look for when shopping for impact windows or doors that will be protecting your family, home and valuables is a product's tested and certified DESIGN PRESSURE.

Design Pressures are a numerical value, in pounds per square foot that determine the strength of a window or door product. It is the only true way to determine which product will provide you the higher level of protection during a hurricane. Simply put, the higher the design pressure rating a window has the stronger it is and the safer your family, home and valuables will be during a hurricane.

Whenever possible, select products that have the highest design pressures within your budgets so you assure yourself the best results and protection during a storm and protect yourself from building code changes that may require higher design pressures in the future.

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